Sunspace Model 400: Insulated Sunroom

Features & Benefits

Sunspace WeatherMaster Plus are standard with WeatherMaster Vertical-4-Track windows, with options for single glazed tempered and full thermal Insulating Glass. Bi-folding doors are a great addition to any home. Apart from the range of practical benefits, bi-folds give a sense of luxury, bring comfort and make your living space more convenient.

Bi-folding doors are becoming more and more popular among homeowners. Here are the benefits they bring to your home and garden:

Compact and aesthetically pleasing profile

Over the years bi-folding doors have become a lot slimmer and less conspicuous. Thanks to innovation in the materials used, the frames today are smaller, yet still very strong.And because the doors fold, they take a lot less space when opened.

This allows them to open up an entire wall, which isn’t really possible with sliding patio doors. The doors neatly fold away to the edge of the frame. Your home will benefit from maximum visibility and unmatched convenient garden access.

Allow for more natural light

Due to their slim frame profile, the window surface is a lot larger, meaning they allow far more light into the room than any other window or door. Even when closed there’s little in the way of light, so there isn’t really a compromise. And obviously when opened the space is astounding, with nothing obstructing natural daylight.

Bi-folding doors can be perfect for rooms that don’t get much light, rooms which you’d like to enjoy more time in.

Superior security and safety

Although bi-folds may seem fragile and not very strong due to the fact they literally replace a brick wall with glass, they are very secure. So much so, that bi-folds are widely used by businesses in commercial environments.

The security elements which they have include multi-point locks, robust frames secure with heavy duty hinges, and in some cases, laminated triple glazed glass. The glass is tougher to break and the doors can’t be levered off the hinges. All that makes break ins very difficult and is likely to put off burglars.

Add value to your home

It’s always nice to know that your home increased in value over time, even if you don’t plan on selling it. It’s certainly something to consider when planning your next home renovation project.

Bi-folding doors can fit any style of house, from old Victorian homes to modern, even minimal, home styles that have become so popular these days. Their simplicity and practicality can enhance the way you live at home. Bi-folding doors brighten up dark spaces and create seamless access to your garden, blending the inside with the outside.

Low maintenance but highly durable

Bi-folding doors, especially the ones made of aluminium, can withstand temperature changes throughout the year. Neither the cold nor the hot weather can warp or bend the frames. Bi-folding doors are highly thermally efficient and can withstand a strong gust of wind as well.

And all that doesn’t come at a cost, because folding doors are easy to maintain. Their lifespan can be prolonged by just a simple occasional wash down and a dash of oil.

Screening Options

Better Vue

Smaller holes for better insect protection Greater openness for natural light and breezes

Better Vue

Smaller holes for better insect protection Greater openness for natural light and breezes

18 14

Traditional screening, Good airflow and insect protection

No See Ums

Excellent bug protection Good ventilation Daytime privacy

Tuff Screen

Heavy Duty vinyl coated Durable resists damage from pets tears punctures Microban® antimicrobial

Solar Insect Screen

Blocks 65% of sun glare GREENGUARD Certified

WeatherMaster™ Viewflex Vinyl


Smoke Grey

Dark Grey